UNITED Vol 1, Issue 6 – March 2020

Each month I collect resources to support K-12 educators around topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As Literally Cultured’s mission states: (as teachers) we should actively seek to cultivate your understanding and knowledge of diverse perspectives and people through the vessel of written words…and with this publication we can become one step closer.

UNITED Vol 1, Issue 6 – March 2020

Highlights from this issue:

  • Multicultural events/holidays calendar for the month of March, linked to websites for further information and reading
  • Updated information on Teaching Tolerance’s Let’s Talk!, a TT publication on facilitating critical conversations with students
  • Teaching resources for K-12 teachers focused on Women’s History Month
  • Carefully curated and diverse text selections to celebrate Women’s History Month from K to 12 (most are linked to teacher’s guides)
Literally Cultured’s Women’s History Book Selections

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