BLACK MAN: A Superhero Story

Author: Shannon Griffin

Illustrator: Sean Mack

“I don’t think Black Man needs a costume to be a superhero,” Langston said.

“And why’s that?” Momma replied, amused.

“Because I am Black Man, and I have just what I need in here,” he said proudly, pointing at his chest.

Young Langston is no ordinary boy, on the contrary, he’s a kid full of life, an out-of-this-world imagination, and – a love for superheroes…but not just any superhero, HIS superhero, Black Man! Using inspiration from the Black men in his life, Langston becomes a superhero that is truly unmatched! However, one day young Langston struggles to unlock his inner superhero powers, because unlike Bat Man or Black Panther, he doesn’t have a costume that will change him into his alter ego. With the help of his momma, young Langston searches to find those missing distinctive elements that will help him transform into Black Man, only in the end– he discovers that Black Man isn’t what he becomes, but instead, who he has been all along.