Say Her Name

Out of all the experience and knowledge gained this last weekend at #ncte19, this might be the takeaway that is closest to my heart. First of all, I love Zetta Elliott (that’s a given)…but this book, and these words, are everything. As some of you already know, I have been writing poems for about a year now, trying to find a way to not put the weight and responsibility of my worries and anxiety on my husband—but to put my inner struggle, my mental burden…my fear…into verse on paper. With every single headline, or story of injustice, blatant ignorance, and gross incompetence…the pain grows, almost unbearable. So in an attempt to quell the fear I carry with me for my husband, our three sons, my family members, my countless friends…I too, turned to poetry.

Thank you Zetta for these words, your protest on a page.


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